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Save yourself from heartbreak and irreplaceable loss!
Whether your passion is for art or antiques, coins or baseball cards, jewelry, heirloom quilts, or anything else of value, your collectibles deserve proper protection against loss or damage.

In all probability, your homeowners insurance won't fully cover your prized possessions. And even if you're not a collector, individual items of significant value like a fur coat, an expensive watch, or your Engagement Ring should be specified in your policy.

Why take a chance on a disastrous loss that would break your heart AND your bank account? Make sure your treasures are properly appraised(, and adequately insured for their current replacement value in case of fire, theft, or a natural disaster, and set your mind at ease.

Argyle Insurance Agency specializes in Personal Article Floaters, including Stand Alone Jewelry Insurance. Having a separate policy to cover your jewelry is a smart choice, since it usually gives you better coverage, and if you experience a claim on your jewelry policy, it won't cause the rates on your Homeowners policy to go up!

Our knowledgeable agents will help you to determine the best insurance to supplement your homeowners insurance.

Call today to find out more- before it's too late!

Or, contact us through our Contact Us page and request that we email you a No Obligation Quote form to fill out. Simply fill in the info after we email you the form, we will then submit to our carriers and we then email you the quote! If you like what you see, we can then submit to the carrier for final approval!